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Flipped classrooms where students untangle the news

At Think With Owliver or 'TwO', we provide students with a platform where they can both be informed and safely express their opinions on global current events.

Critical Thinking

The key elements of TWO

why choosetwo

Why choose TwO

The primary focus of our sessions is the critical and collaborative thoughts and views of our young participants.

Our gamified content provides participants with an exciting yet educational alternative to video games.

Our program is designed to foster happier mindsets through a positive and solution-oriented view of the world.

How TwO Works


Handpicking the buzz

Owliver's Scribes pick one of the most game-changing news events from the past week and explain it to you in a fun and interactive way. Science, history, politics, culture - we cover it all.

The Session

The day for your TWO session is finally here! 


To kick things off, you and your friends solve puzzles together as you go over all the facts behind the day's big event. 

The Activity

It's time to dive into the day's big activity. The activity could be just about anything: a debate, a parliamentary discussion, a story-telling session, and so much more.

Logging Off

Alright, you've done a lot of thinking, and it's time to say goodbye.


But, all is not yet done and dusted. You can share your thoughts on the topic discussed in the session with Team Owliver for a chance to be published on our site.

Sample Sessions




Mannat Budhiraja

" I never imagined that getting associated with Owliver's Post would change my life! I am so thankful for the amazing articles, podcasts, illustrations , and more.


News no longer means blaring debates or shouting politicians. Giving me platform to think, wonder explore has awoken a side of me that I didn't even know existed."


Rupashi Nagi

"Owliver's Post keeps us children updated about the world around us.

I love the Think with Owliver sessions because we have debates and take part in activities that help improve our skills. I have loved being an ambassador for Owliver's Post."

Testimonials .png

Mahati Kesri

"Owliver's Post is a space where young readers and teens like myself can just be ourselves.


What I especially love are the articles and how informative and fun they are. There's nothing better than listening to music and reading Owliver's Post! The mentors are friendly and make the news relatable for us."


Vivaan Taneja

"Owliver's Post helps us open our minds to a deeper level of thinking and also enhances our creativity. The sessions help us discuss different topics and ideas, and every though is heard patiently without judgement. We get to express ourselves more effectively and also apply what we learn in real-life situations."

Parent Testimonials

Our Team

Our Team

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